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It happened a few months back her name is Saritha(name changed) 34 years old widow who lives with her 2 children’s and an old and deaf mother in law, she is the house owner I live on the first floor, she lives in ground floor and she got her husband’s job as he died on duty in some accident 2 years back, I don’t know much detail as I came only a year after that incident, now to get back to her she is a sculpted wonder by god in the form of women, with curves in right places and well-toned body.

Nobody will tell that she is a mother for 2 from her appearance with wheat toned skin and gem-like eyes, if she is ready men’s are lining up to marry her but fearing her children’s future she never married while I initially came as her tenant she won’t talk to me much except when coming to collect rent but her children’s will come often to play with me.

Mostly they will sleep with me, sometimes she will come to carry them back to her home or I will carry them over to her place and drop them in their bed, Slowly she started to open up to me emotionally about her fears while coming back alone from her office and loneliness; I never know that she was bearing so much pain and fighting alone in her life.

From that day onwards I will regularly pick her up after her work as my workplace is close to here’s and help her in all means possible even doing her housework like grocery etc. as her mother in law is very old and she can’t do all the work by herself so I shared her part and slowly I was becoming one among their family she even stopped asking rent.

When I go to pay up she will refuse to get it but however I will give it, and she started to cook for me,even though I refused she will just stuff that tiffin box inside by bag and one fine day while picking her she was wearing chudithar and she sat by putting both her leg on either side of the bike usually she sat one side that too on edge of the seat and safely away from me.

I was happy that she trusted me but never misused even that thought never crossed my mind though I used to secretly admire her beauty but not more than that, I don’t have the guts to express my feeling fearing that she may tell that “you are like a brother to me” and that thought was torturing me day and night and to my disappointment next day was rakshabandhan i thought of running somewhere and come back after this day but I cant like tomorrow I have an important meeting and I need to be there so I let the fate to decide.

As usual I picked her up in morning to drop her in her office she too seemed to be confused and I asked her is everything ok she absentmindedly said yes and she was avoiding seeing me directly in the eyes and I asked where your bag is then only she recognized that she forgot, she gone inside and came with the bag and I dropped her in her office and went to my office after the meeting I was trying to contact her but she was not picking her call so I was worried and went to her office and they said that she left back home a while ago saying she is not feeling well.

I went to home she was not in her home and I went to my room door was open she was sitting in my room (i usually leave my key in her home) on seeing me she stood and I accidentally kept my hand over her forehead to check her temperature it was normal then I asked her are you ok she was not in the mood to answer then I realized that I was still keeping my hand on her forehead then I took it back and our eyes met for a second she was trying to say something.

But she can’t then I asked her to sit and brought her a glass of water she was still nervous and I said look only if you tell me what is bothering you I can help, whatever be the problem know this that I will always be at your side as a friend, then when I was about to talk she suddenly hugged me and started to cry I too embraced her and encouraged her to let it all out she cried for some time and then she composed herself and I gave her my hankie.

She wiped her tears then only i noticed she was beautiful even when she was crying then she mentioned some guy in her office who is blackmailing her for some intimate favor I asked with what evidence he is doing it he recorded me on his mobile while I was changing my dress in office restroom I don’t know how. But luckily I have a police friend she is a lady inspector in women’s police station she took care of it without leaking her info to media and he destroyed the evidence and arrested him as well, as he had blackmailed many such ladies asking sexual favours, one of them volunteered to be a witness.

When I informed this news to her she was relieved not to mention she again gave me a hug this time with happy tears and I too enjoyed it in a good way. And it was summer vacation for the kids so she sent them over to her father’s place as they were asking to see their grandchildren ’s, she stayed the weekend and came back for her work on Monday as I was readying me for office.

There was a knock at my door I was not expecting anyone as I opened the door she was ready and came to check whether I was ready and I too readied quickly and dropped her and went to my office afternoon she called to check upon me to know whether I can come early from office and head out for shopping but I insisted that I will spend and she agreed and as planned I came early and we went out and shopped for some time and had our dinner in a decent restaurant. we reached home by 8.45p.m approximately.

Straight away I went to my room and had a shower and changed to boxers and I was about to sleep suddenly I heard her calling me and when asked she said can I come in and I said don’t ever ask permission again, I opened the door she was in her nighty and let her hair lose, I can see it from her expression that heaviness in her heart is gone and I was glad for making her happy, suddenly she shouted hello are you there what were you dreaming I said nothing she too let it slide and asked can you come with me outside to terrace and before we know we were sitting on the side wall and enjoying the views with cool breeze blowing with strange sound.

While I was appreciating the views I felt something on my shoulder she was resting her head over my shoulders and said don’t know what I would have done if not for you to save me, I said don’t think of it now we were out of it but I am glad you trusted me with that I felt something cold on my shoulders, her tears were the reasons I wiped it.

And said don’t waste your precious tears for something worthless, she obliged and said I never felt this safer since my husband’s demise i then lifted her face by holding her chin whenever you need i will always be there for you and your family sorry our family she looked into my eyes and said I know you will, I can’t tell from where I got the courage before we knew it we were kissing each other it happened she just closed her eyes I held her face in both my hands her cheeks were so soft but not close to her lips slowly we stood.

We embraced ourselves and kissing is evolving into a smooching then I slowly moved down to her neck and kissed and sucked there she was inhaling sharply then lifted her in my arms when I was about to enter my room she said we can go to my room I said your mother in law is there she said she won’t hear us and it is way past her bedtime so it would be no problem, as the backdoor was open we went using it to her room she alone went and locked the front door and came inside and bolted her room door from inside.

I hugged her from behind again I turned her and we smooched this time more wildly with tongues and my dick started growing in excitement and started poking her ass, then i turned her and hugged her tightly with her jugs getting squeezed against my chest our crotches grinding against each other while breaking the embrace I just bent to lift and remove her nighty and she raised her hand and it came off she was just in her bra and panties I just wanted to pleasure her the way she never experienced.

I slowly started to kiss her all over starting from her face ears, lips, neck, breast, bellybutton and thighs and everywhere she sure was enjoying it which is obvious from her response then I removed my tee shirt and her unhooked her bra to release her jugs and it was slightly sagging due to its size and immediately it came in contact with air I grabbed one with my hands and other with my mouth she was enjoying but struggling to stand.

So I lifted her while hugging and rested her ass over a table and continued my treatment to her breasts she was combing my hair in pleasure, I was taking turns in sucking between her breasts then I went down on her she was shaking in excitement.

I then removed her panties to her knees let it hang there and thrilled to see her cunt with some hairs. Again I made her stand to get a good look she was shy initially then obliged and I went down on her she was oozing her pre-cum and her aroma was intoxicating and I kissed her there she was hissing closing her eyes and leaned against the wall. I lifted her one leg and rested it on my shoulder for her balance and to get better access to her pussy then I used my thumb to prod her pussy along with my mouth.

I started to suck her pussy slowly while thumbing her g-spot she was wriggling like a worm exposed to light, it further encouraged me to explore her inner depths then I started to induce her clit
By prodding it with my tongue she started to breathe heavily and her thigh started shaking sensing that she was closer to her orgasm I was prepared to suck her juice dry from her orgasm and it happened.

She was released her juice along with muffled sexy moans and I didn’t waste a single drop then I reached her face and pulled her face and glued my mouth to hers then I moved one of my hands behind and kept it above her ass feeling it and slowly squeezed it my hand were barely covering her ass then she placed her hand over my crotch and my cock was dying to break free from my boxers she then lowered my boxers.

It pranged out poking her stomach a little, she was shocked to see it in its full glory her palm size was barely covering the circumference of my cock, responding to her feather touch my cock enlarged, even more, she exclaimed it is still growing in my hands I am not sure if I can take it, it will split me apart I assured her I will be gentle she started to move it up and down.

She stopped for a while and moved down and kissed its head, I was on cloud nine then she started to take it in her mouth, surely this is her first time I can see it from her attempts I was happy that she was willing to do it for me, but I stopped her saying you don’t need to do it if you don’t like it, she just pushed me over the bed and made me sit and she again started to blow me she was taking my head completely in her mouth and she started moving it up and down I was in heaven and she was pushing me to my edge.

So, I pulled her up and started to smooch her wildly then while smooching made her lie on her back over the bed then I climbed above her and positioned my cock just below touching her pussy entrance while pushing my foreskin and gave it a thrust my head went inside she was spreading her legs a little and I again gave a push she yelped hunh and she was feeling some pain but signaled to get on with it, I again gave a powerful thrust.

I was almost in I can’t believe how tight she is which excited me, even more, I can feel her pussy wall hugging my cock tightly and my cock was sliding along it finally I made her wound her legs around my hips and started to fuck her slowly.

Slowly i increased my pace at each thrust our crotch met with a sound that chap and she started to enjoy it, which i can sense from her moaning both of us were sweating she was like ahh ahh I said to keep it down, then only she reminded me her mother in law is deaf it felt like we were alone in that house which made me super horny and fucked her with full strength she started to raise herself to match my rhythm at one point bed started to squeak.

After some time I lifted her in the same position and pinned her against the door while her legs wrapped around my hips and again started to thrust her by holding the door behind her she also hugged me tightly while taking my thrusting for each thrust there was a bang sound in the door but we didn’t care about anything we were in our own world.

She was again having an orgasm and she hugged me even tighter and started to kiss all around my neck but I can’t have enough of her pussy, then I made her kneel in all four over the bed with her ass sticking out and I separated her ass cheeks to reveal her backdoor hole, I first bit and kissed her ass cheeks and finally started to give her a rim job by dipping my face between her ass cheeks, she was taken back due to sudden change of events but started participating eventually then again I positioned my cock at her pussy door and gave it a push which was already well lubricated from her orgasm.

So it went in smoothly and i started to fuck her in doggy by holding her hips and driving it all the way inside her completely she was moaning “hhahnnnn aaaaaaaahn please do me do me i want to feel it again and again” after some hard thrust she lost her balance and fell on her stomach which made me fall over her back over her ass but i never stopped hammering her pussy with my cock,i felt that i was getting close to my orgasm so again i changed to missionary which is my favorite position and started to fuck her with all my might.

She was pulling me by hugging and i just smooched her while squeezing her breast really hard and again I wanted to take her roughly in floor so we shifted to floor and we continued our thrusting with increased vigor finally I reached my limit and squirted my jizz deep inside her pussy for a long time and fell over her body we were too tired to move or do anything so we slept naked like that in each other arms
in weekday nights we will have a quick session and she will leave downstairs, I n weekends we will have long marathon sex.

Even in granny’s presence we can’t prevent ourselves from touching each other, even after vacation after kids arrived she will come upstairs after tucking her children’s in bed and we had a nice and quick sessions we were inseparable like newly married couples even onetime we had anal sex after much persuasion, And finally on one lucky day I even got to fuck her sister during a picnic trip, which I will post on my next story based on your feedback and my mailid is [email protected], I am open to any suggestions regarding your response, once again thank you all for your support it means a lot, have fun and keep rocking.


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