Desi sex story of village teen girl Ritu with Sarpanch Part I

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Hello FSI readers! Today I would like to narrate a desi sex story which was told by one of my friend who confessed me while we were having some chats over my residence. As she is not a good writer, so she told me to write story on behalf of her and post it at FSI. So in this story, I would be narrating representing her and hope you like it.

Hi, I am Ritu (name changed) and today I would like to share one of my incident from past when I was at college level. I basically belong from village and now from last 15 years I am residing at city. After completing my school, I appeared for competitive exams and I scored good marks and finally selected in one of the college. I went further for counselling and I got a seat and later got also the fee structure. The fee was not much high for the people who used to reside in the cities but for a village girl it was too high. I later returned to village and discussed with my parents and their face hung. They told me initially that drop it and get focus on house works as they can’t afford me to study. I asked my parents for loan from the bank and they told me that they will ask for guaranty and we have nothing much.

Days passed by and daily I used to think how to get the money arranged. Then one day I was going through the fields when I saw my friend calling my name from a distance. I stopped and she came near me. She told me that one person can help me that time and that was our village Sarpanch or we can say village head. The only thing was that he was a bastard and was very corrupt person. She told me that if I really wish to study in city then I have to give a sacrifice and I asked her what? She told me that I have heard that if you sleep with the Sarpanch for a night then he can make you getting the loan from bank easy. I shouted at her and moved back to my house.

A week passed and then I decided finally and went to my friend back and asked her do she know any one like that whom he have helped and she told yes. She told me that one of her neighbor have some problem and he did with her house ladies like that and helped them. I was in fear and dilemma and finally thought to go ahead. I went to the Sarpanch next day and told him my problem. He scanned my body from top to bottom and then told yes and asked what he will get in return. I told him that what he wish from me and he told me with a wicked smile that some naughty words. I hesitate first and then he told me as I wish and then moved inside his room. I then went inside and asked him when can I get the money as loan from bank and he told me after he get satisfied. I told him that it must be secret and he told yes, do you doubt me.

I went away from his place to my place and told my parents that night that I have to attend a function in a near village. And I would be going with my friend the next day and would be coming back at night. They agreed as I was not staying anywhere at night.

Next day I went to Sarpanch’s house back and he was sitting inside his compound and I observed that nobody was there. He told me to lock the gate and come inside. I did as he told me and went to his room. He was laying half on his bead and I was standing in front of him. I used to wear salwar kameez that time when I was at village. He told me to dance first and I looked at him and he told dance. I slowly moved my waist for a while and told me to show me my back. I turned opposite facing him and he saw my back and again turn towards his side. Next he told me to jump while keeping my both hands up. I was thinking what he want from me. After few minutes of jumping I was sweating and he was observing my boobs movement. I have got boobs which were 34 in size and I rarely used to wear bra. I just used to wear camisole and panties inside. He finally told me to stop and told me to come and sit on his king size bed.

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