First time sex experience with virgin Delhi girl from coaching class

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I am from New Delhi and this incident happened when i was in my 12th. This is my first time sex experience with a sexy virgin Delhi girl. As i had taken up science i used to go for coaching classes. In the inception of the classes Shivani had joined our coaching. She was a hottie. She had a slim figure, straight hair ( which made her look like a girl from the Loreal Ads ), bulging boobs and a great ass ( which i always wanted to spank). So, on the day on which she joined our class i had announced in the class that i like her and no should put a sight on her. Every guy in the class was my friend so they agreed. For the next 2 weeks i couldn’t talk to her as i had to sit next to her for that and had no chance after the class as she left as soon as the class got over. So, one day she was late and i was sitting at the last bench ( yes, i was a back bencher) and she came and sat next to me. One of my closet friend forced me to talk to her. I was shy at that point but some how i managed to say a hi to her :

Me: Hi !!
Shivani : Hey…
Me: So you are Shivani right? and you are in DAV right?
Shivani : She said yes… and how do you know.
Me: I just know ( trying to carry on the convo)
Shivani : hmmm…

(After 5 minutes)

Shivani: Btw whts your name?
Me: Jai
Shivani : hmmm…

And this is all that happened that day. In the next week i didn’t get to sit next to her or talk to her. I somehow found out her number and just sent ” Hi Shivani”.

Next day she came and sat next to me as the teacher had already entered the class.

Me: Hi
Shivani : Hey..
Me: Did you get my message?
Shivani : What message?…. OMG.. you sent that message?!!! That was my moms number. How did you get my moms number?
Me: Ohh… sorry… i didn’t know… and i have my own sources.
Shivani : You wanted to talk to me?

( At this point the teacher had seen us talking and shouted at us to concentrate on physics)
But how could i concentrate on physics when the chemistry of us was going on somewhere else.

Then i wrote on my notebook.. ( we chatted through writing on top of the pages)

Me: Yes..
Shivani : Why? ( kinda blushing)
Me: simply.. i like you..
Shivani : Really? I just broke with my boyfriend… I am not ready for a relationship.
Me: I am not telling you to get in a relationship with me… we be good friends and sometime go somewhere out.
Shivani: ( blushing) Ya.. maybe

With this the class ended. We had our summer holidays for 2 weeks so the classes didn’t continue.
Then on a random day.. i got a text form an unknown number saying “Hi”. I replied, ” Who is this?” . She replied, ” Your Ex”. I replied, ” I never had a girlfriend Shivani”.

Shivani: How did you know its me?
Me: I just guessed.
Shivani: Nice…
Me: So, why did you text me?
Shivani: simple.. wanted to chat with you..
Me: hmmm… so you are interested… 😛
Shivani : LOL…. i guess yes…
Me: So, can we meet in the evening.
Shivani: Why not now? ( Its was 10am)
Me: I really don’t mind but i have to go out somewhere.
Shivani: hmmmm…

Then at 1pm i texted her

Me: hi… what are you doing?
Shivani: Can’t tell you.
ME: Ohhh… you can tell me..
Shivnai : I am having a bath.. *wink* wink*
Me: hmmm…. are you wearing anything… ? *wink*
Shivani: N0… *wink* :*
Me: So… you are totally NUDE? hmmm.. :*
Shivnai: ya.. 😀
Me: i wish i was there with you. :*
Shivani: Ohhh.. ya.. i would like that.
Me: me too… i would hug you from behind… and would have a bath together naked.. :*
Shivnai: Ohhh…. now i don’t think this is right.. i have to go… see you in the evening.


I was kinda of sad because she left our sex chat incomplete. I also had the fear that she didn’t like what i said to her. So, in the evening i planned to take her to a movie.
The movie was MIB3. The movie was pretty good but i concentrated more on shivani. She wore a yellow light top and a tight jeans which showed her butt perfectly.

( In the theatre )
Me: So… is this a date?
Shivnai: It depends…
Me: On what?
Shivani: If you kiss me.. then its a date… ( blushing )
Me: You want me to?
( She just blushed)

And then i kissed a girl for the first time. It felt so warm and i just wanted to be as deep as i could. Her glossy lips felt so wet and turned me on. I put my tongue inside her mouth and she liked it. We kissed for 5 min continuously and then i went to kiss her neck and her earlobes. It felt so warm and dizzy. She let out a moan as a symbol for wanting more. While kissing her i moved my hand on top of her breasts and cuped them. She let out a moan near my ear. I gathered some courage and put my hands inside her jeans. She moaned, ” ohhhh…. aaaaahhhh “. Her hand now had reached my trousers and she started to touch my penis from above. She then unzipped it and took it out… and started stroking me… i moved my hand inside her panties which was already drenched with her cum.. and started fingering her. She let out many moans,” OOOHHHH… yaa… Jai…. plz… faster…. aaaaahhhhhh!!!! “. I started fingering her faster and soon she gave a loud moan and cum on my right hand. She was exhausted but i wasn’t so.. she started stroking me faster. I told her to take it in her mouth but she refused and told me not today and promised me to give a blowjob on a better day. I started cumming on her hearing this and it all fell on her hands. We both went to the washroom and left for home. I dropped her at her house and gave her a good night kiss.

( At Night)

Me: I want have more.
She: you already had soo much today.. wait for days.
Me: I cant wait.. plz.. i want you badly.. i wanna make love to you.
She: Come on baby.. plz.. wait for time.. even i wanna do it.

( Then at night 2am)
She texted me

She: On saturday.. my parents and my brother are going to Gurgaon. They will be back by Midnight. You can come if u want to. *wink*
Me: OOHhh… i would definitely come… *wink* … i ll bring something special also… :*.. whats ur fav flavour ? 😛
She: Strawberry… bring many of them… :* i love you sooo much baby… :* :* xoxo…

I masturbated everyday till Saturday…

( Saturday )

I got up grabbed my bike and bought 10 condoms and five pills. Then rushed to the cave which was waiting for my dick. I reached her home and rang the bell. She opened the door and i was shocked to see her. She had wore a baby pink top and a black bra which could be seen from outside and it revealed a definite amount of cleavage. Below she had a black short which was shorter than ever ( which revealed her milky thighs).

I shut the door behind me and grabbed her by her waist and started kissing her madly. We kissed for 10 minutes with all the erotic sounds coming out of our mouths ( aahhhhhh yaaa….. c’mon… ya… kiss my neck… touch my butt… hold my boobs) and then i took her inside her bedroom. Removed her top and her boobs bounced while doing so. It was one of the most intimidating sites of my life. Her boobs bounced again when i removed her black shorts. She had worn a black panty. She looked like a sex angel in black bra and panties. We again kissed for some time. This time my hand entered her panties from behind and i fingered her ass. She let out a moan ” aaahhhh… ya… keep doing it baby… i love you and your fingering….. hmmm…. yes… “. We broke the kiss and i removed my short and she started kissing my chest and making erotic sounds while kissing them. She then came to my jeans and touched my dick. She stroked it form outside for sometime and then started removing my jeans. She caught my dick tighty from above my underwear and looked into my eyes and said,” Today is the day you get what you want”. She came up and gave me a hard kiss then went down to remove my underwear. She removed took it directly in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I loved her blowjob and was so intense. She gave me a blowjob for 10min. I said,” I am going to cum baby…!! ahhh!! ” She said,” yes yes…. cum in mouth”. I then cumed in her mouth and she drank all my cum and sucked my dick dry.
Now i removed her panties and saw a cute little virgin pussy. I started licking her pussy. Smell of her pussy was intoxicating. She moaned,” aaahhh babyyy… wow… you are soo fucking wonderful…. keep sucking likeeeeee that…. i love ur tongue inside me.. yes.. baby yes….. aaaahhhhhhhaaaa…… am cuming baby… aaahhhhhhh … yaaaa…. oooohhhh …. yes…. ….aaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much… “. I licked all of her cum like it was honey. She got up and started kissing me. We kissed for another 10minutes. While kissing i brought my hands at her back and opened the hook of her black bra. The twins came out and this was the first time i had seen a womans breast. I cupped them and started kissing her. I bent down and started sucking her left magnificent tit and was massaging the right one with the other hand. She was moaning and enjoying it. Then i took out a condom and she put it on my dick perfectly and stroking it while doing so. Finally i made her lie down an entered her virgin, cute and ravishing pussy. As i entered i gave a stroke and 1/4th of dick went inside her. She moaned heavily- ” aaaaahhhhhh…. yaassssss…”. I gave another stroke and 3/4th of my dick went inside her. ” oohhhh AAAAAAAA …….. hhHHHHH ” she moaned and tears rolled down her cheek. Then the final stroke made her mad and she screamed in excitement as well as in pain loudly. ” aaohhhhh baby… aaaahhhhhh its hurting… but don\’t stop am enjoying this….. yesss…. keep going and never stop… plz…..!!!!! faster baby…. fuck me…. harder.. HARDER…… aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! ……. WOW…..!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH…………” . I started fucking her harder and soon all the pain vanished and only pleasure is what she felt. I started fucking her madly in missionary position. We fucked for 30min and she had already cumed 4 times during this session. 1st time i cummed in my condom. Then we took rest for sometime and then we slept together hugging each other. When we got up she wasn’t in on the bed. She was cooking lunch for us. I went behind her and again removed her shorts and starting rubbing my dick on her butt. She turned back and removed her top. She was completely nude now and started kissing me. We got up on the kitchen slab and grabbed some cushions to support our legs and fucked in doggy style. She was amazing and moaning like hell. Then i cummed in her mouth and again she gave me a blowjob and sucked me dry.

Then we ate lunch and were back on bed. This time she was riding me while i was lying down on the bed. With every move of hers, her boobs bounced which made me so horny that i cummed inside per pussy ( we forgot about the condoms). We cumed at the same time and my dick felt her warm juice and i filled her pussy with my cum. I left her home at 10pm but before that i made love to her 3 more times and had the opportunity to cum on her breasts, once made love in 69 position and one more time in missionary position. It was the best day of my life. I left her with giving a kiss and spanking her ass outside her house. THATS ALL FOLKS


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