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Hi FSI fans. I’m Tanyade from Chennai aged 37 sharing my sexual experience of the seduction of a sexy Indian wife in the temple during Pooja. I’m married with 2 kids aged 3 years. I live in a prominent location in Chennai residential Apartment which has 2 Temples in our society. One Jain Temple and another Vishnu Temple. My wife is very fond of visiting the temples every day in morning or evening as per the time and kids schedule of schooling or playing. And during her 3-5 day break every month, I end up taking the kids to the temple, which is always in the morning as I go to work.

One such day, when I left for office from my apartment, I saw a young woman, should be below 30 years, entering the apartment wearing a red printed saree, with open navel visibility. I slowed down my bike and fixated my eyes on her navel and man o man, it was just too hot for me. I dick kicked up a bit and I was like – W.O.W.
From that day onwards, every day I made sure to leave to work the same time, but I was able to see her only once over 2 weeks with same awesome open navel show. She made no attempts to hide it though I can assume that the entire road travelers were for a treat with her fair open tummy and deep navel.

And then, the miracle happened. It was one of those 5 days where I had to take my 2 kids to the temple, which was less crowded, say 4-7 people including myself. And when I take my kids to temple, we do pooja to the idols by wearing a mask over our face and using Kesar to worship the god. Since I had two kids, I always wait for someone to help me with the kids to do the pooja correctly. That’s when I saw her enter the temple, same way, green color printed saree, open hips with clear navel view. I was awe struck. She came near me and stood to pray the idol and my eyes were fixated on her navel side view, that was a complete hard on in the temple for me.

She saw me and her face was emotionless. She came forward and bent to pick few coins she dropped and that made me move my focus to her tight normal sized boobs. I couldn’t stop dreaming about honking her boobs right there. Before she could enter the idols dwar to do the pooja, I asked her help with my 2 kids to do the pooja with her and she agreed without any hesitation. I was in great joy. I went and bought 2 small size bowls filled with Kesar and we 4 entered the dwar to start the pooja. she bowed down to pray the idol by touching their feet and i again got a inviting view of her pressed open navel, which was sexy as hell.

We had our masks on and there was one elderly person in the dwar doing the pooja so that space was a little bit cramped as no more than 3 can stand for the pooja. There are 3 idols and we should apply Kesar to each idol, 13 times in each idol, but inserting our ring finger each of those 13 times in the small bowl. The elderly person was on my left, i was in the middle and the women with the open navel was to my right. I asked her to hold my kid with both her hands so that I can help my kid to do the pooja, she obeyed. The moment she held one of my, i could now see a more deeper navel with open tummy very very close to me. The dwar has a slab exactly at our waist level to keep these tiny bowls for Pooja.

Not to create any wrong intention for her, I placed the tiny bowl in between us. To my surprise, my 2nd kid went towards her right and started pushing her to which she couldn’t hold as her hands were holding my kid. So she smashed her open tummy side of her body completely over my right hand and that was the beginning of a hot, sweaty, steamy, teasing, seducing journey of 12 mins of my life. With my arm feeling the heaven in the temple, I was… no words to say. During this process, she was forced towards me and now the tiny bowl was exactly in the location with her open navel. I asked her shall I start and she said Haa. I took my ring finger, dipped it in the Kesar down so close to her navel, took it out and then placed it on my kid’s ring finger along to start the pooja.

To help my kid reach the idol, she had to lean in a bit and that moment, my arm felt her entire half warm body. There was no hesitation, no stopping now, no remorse on either of us. Usually, the pooja for one idol takes less than a minute, so without any reaction, I now took my index finger again to the bowl which was now luckily touching her open fair white tummy exactly at her navel. Even without trying, when I dipped my index finger, there was no room for my pinky finger and I rested right inside her navel, this was for like 2 seconds, and I again did the same, took it to my kids ring finger and placed it over the idol, which again rested her entire half body over my arm, crushing her boobs, waist in full pressure as she was holding the kid ensuring he doesn’t fall. It seems both of us were playing our role of adulterous adventure.

It was the 3rd dip in the bowl of Kesar and 2nd dip inside her navel for my pinky finger, at which moment I wished it had a tongue to like it deep thoroughly for 2 seconds. And the routine act of Pooja brushed her entire warm body over my right arm. I was horny the moment I saw her navel in the temple, and this was like super hot seduction right in front of the creators of the world. My fourth dip and 5th dip inside the bowl, which was the 3rd dip and 4th dip inside her navel was now open indication that she was completely helpless or completely in my control of unexpected seduction. During my 6th dip, I rotated my index finger to dissolve the Kesar, which means my pinky finger did the measuring of her open round navel.

My manhood was making a tent with every dip in the bowl making me feel her navel, and every touch of the idol, making me feel her half body pressed against my arm. It seems that at some point of time, my right body did some great gestures in the world for which it was being rewarded. This heavenly seduction completed with my 13 dips in the bowl, 12 dips in her navel and 13 times feeling of her entire half body till waist. We now moved to the idol on the left and none of us looked into each other all this while. There was no need to as we both knew where to do the pooja next, and frankly, I was a bit tensed to look at her.

I realized I left the bowl of Kesar and extended my right arm below her to reach it. At that moment, my kid jumped a bit and as she was holding them, her moved up and then down more due to my kid’s force, which made her bend. This action rubbed her side boobs over my right cheek and entire arm was feeling her tummy. My kid did this jump a couple of times and I felt her boobs over my face all those times, while I acted having difficulty in reaching the bowl of Kesar. I dragged it finally between us and the same thing happened. My other kid standing right to her pushed her again which made her open navel in the same vicinity as before. My eyes were wide open. She signaled me to start the pooja with the 2nd idol. My smile to her went unnoticed as we were wearing masks. I rolled my ring finger over the bowl of Kesar and so did my pinky finger inside her navel. Sort of navel finger fucking session it was. This time, it was 100% accuracy. 13 times dip over the bowl, 13 times dip inside her navel and 13 times rubbing her half body till waist with the right arm.

We now moved to the idol on our far left and this time I ensured to take the bowl with me. She lifted my kid with her hands up and I couldn’t get a better view of her open blouse and tummy. And this moved her saree a bit more away from her body by some distance making it more steamy for us. I voluntarily moved closer to her this time, our thighs said hello to each other this time. I realized my 2nd kid was to her right so I reach him over her back to move, in which process my left arm rubbed her ass and I elbow asked her for 3-4 seconds. To my surprise, she turned to her left, which rested in my elbow pushing inside her lower saree once. I took this opportunity and moved up a bit which then rested my elbow over her navel 100% bullies target. I felt I did some justice to my left arm. She said let’s do it quickly, we have to do for the 2nd kid as well, and I was like, FOR SURE, Every day, or PERHAPS, every hour. My 2nd kid stood still next to her, and I was close to her than before.

She took her hands up holding my kid and I raised my ring finger which already had some Kesar on it due to the last 2 poojas, and instead of dipping in the bowl, God knows why I took it and pushed it inside her navel. She was stuck, and I was more stuck. Her stare was frightening. I said sorry and quickly started the poojas as before. She took a second to clean the Kesar inside her navel with her finger and that was, even more, turning on to my already erotic situation. This time, she moved herself a bit away from the bowl but there was no space literally. Unfortunately, her navel was now a bit away from the bowl, BUT, her open tummy was still close enough. So with every dip in the bowl Kesar, my right part of the palm and wrist brushed her sexy cold hip carelessly. And then, the brushing of her open body till waist continued.

For some reason, I felt she was pressing her body too much after the 6th dip in the bowl. I could feel she was slightly rubbing her boobs and waist every time my arm felt her. This was a green signal to me. I quickly looked at the temple and there were only 2 people out there, so when I was about to take the 7th dip, I took the courage, moved my entire palm over her open tummy and pressed it, pinched it too. She lay still and closed her eyes, literally. This time, I dipped my index finger in the bowl of Kesar, and then dipped it and felt it inside her navel making rounds. This made her in shock as it was Kesar and her navel was open, so anybody can see it. She shook her head, I came to my senses. She now covered her navel with her saree and most of her hip too. I continued the pooja for my 1st kid and till the 13th dip, this time my score was not as accurate as before. 13 dips to the bowl, 2 dips to her navel, and 13 hot steaming brushed feeling of her boobs and waist. She let my 1st kid down and looked at me, for some reason, her eyes were a bit wet, I dunno why. I said I need to refill the bowl of Kesar for my 2nd kid. The Kesar is kept in the side room of the temple, which always has a wash basin to clean the utensils of pooja. She said she will join. Rest in Next. I’m an open minded person though I’m happily married.

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