Desi sex story of village teen girl Ritu with Sarpanch Part II

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This story is part of a series “Desi sex story of village teen girl Ritu with Sarpanch”. If you have not read the previous part you can read it here:

Desi sex story of village teen girl Ritu with Sarpanch Part I

Now back to the story. I followed what he told and then he hold my hand and pulled me towards him. He told something weird and bad and in the meanwhile kept his strong hands over my boobs directly over my dress and keep fondling them softly. I was not looking at him and closed my eyes. Then he kissed my neck and my ears. He kept fondling for some more time and then told me to open my dress. I removed my dress and he was now looking my boobs in camisole. He told to remove that too. I removed it and my fair boobs were out for the hungry dog. I was virgin that time and it was first time I was with an aged person. He again folded my boobs and played with them and slapped them. Then he lay on his back and loose his dhoti and his langot type thing.

His cock was black, thick and hairy. He hold my hand and kept over his cock and told me to suck it first. I first denied as it was looking too dirty and smelling stinky but he forced me that moment and for loan purpose I sucked it somehow. He hold my head and pressed over his cock when it was full erect and it was chocking my throat. I tried to release my head and gasp the air. Again he did the same and after couple of minutes he pulled me over him. He smooched my lips hard and my boobs were got pressed over his chest. Then he pushed me over his head and removed my rest of the dress. After that he got naked too and rubbed my pussy with his hand and then with one thrust he pushed half of his cock inside my pussy.

I was shocked and was in full pain. Blood came out of my pussy and he was too heavy to remove him over my body. I cried aloud but he kept his hand over my face. Then like a beast he pushed rest half of his cock in my cunt and kept fucking me for next 15 minutes or so in same position. Then he made me in doggy positon and again fucked my pussy from back. He was folding my boobs hard and pinching my nipples at same time. I was moaning this time as I was enjoying sex for first time. He over all fucked me for 30 minutes in position he know and finally spit his juices over my face and then collapsed on his bed.

We both were sweating heavy and tired. His bead sheet was bloody as my blood was over it. After some time he told me to suck his cock again and I did. I was thing what a bastard he was. After that he again ejaculated his juice inside my mouth but it was less as compared to last time that he did half an hour ago. Then he told me to have shower in his bathroom and he too came there and fucked me one more round in his bathroom and finally at evening I came back to my house. I was tired and not told anyone much and lied my parents that time that I ate much and was tired. They even not asked me much.

After a week I went to bank and told them that Sarpanch has sent me for loan and they called him. He told that he will take my guarantee and then told the bank person to give me the phone. He told me that he was taking my guarantee and told me to get the job soon after study and repay to bank. I told him yes and he disconnected.
Later after getting loan I came to city for studies and had sex multiple times in college with my boyfriend. Later I got placement too and again experienced the joys and pleasures of sex with my office boyfriend. Since then I have had many boyfriends and sex partners and have had sex with them all multiple times before I broke up with them. I hope you have enjoyed reading my true desi sex story of my real sexual experiences. Do share your comments and views about my sex story below!

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